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Invoice Factoring

One way to help with cash flow is through factor invoicing, a loan type that provides companies with cash advances for every new invoice that they issue. Unlike the fixed amounts that are available as more conventional loans and overdrafts, factoring is much more flexible.

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With Bank overdrafts and other forms of short-term business finance that were traditionally used to aid your business’s cash flow increasingly unavailable, Invoice Finance options like Invoice Discounting or Factoring have become a more popular option. As an independent broker we can offer you impartial advice and shop around to get the best deal for you. The advantages of Invoice Finance are:

Up to 90% of the invoice amount available within 1-2 days of raising an invoice.
Unlike an overdraft, funding levels grow as your business does.
It shortens your billing cycle.
It can improve your own credit rating through prudent cash management.
It can be completely confidential from your Debtors (Invoice Discounting)
You retain control over your billing function (Invoice Discounting) or outsource it (Factoring)
Invoice Discounting requires minimum annual turnover of £500,000 and a minimum term of 6 months.

Factoring is available for companies (including start-ups) with a turnover of or projected to be in excess of £50,000.
Get up to 90-95% of the outstanding invoice settle within 1-2 days (once set up)
We can help  clients get set up on online invoice auction platforms such as Market Invoice & Platform Black.
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