100% "JV" DEVELOPMENT FACILITY WITH NO PROFIT SHARE. Our Developer client had agreed on a deal with a landowner where the payment for the land would be deferred until the lender was redeemed. The lender was happy to cover 100% of all costs amounting to £1.4m to complete the scheme and without a profit share. The developer only had to cover the necessary professional reports.2% arrangement fee, interest at 1% per month, and 1% exit fee.


DEVELOPMENT RESCUE DEAL. Undeterred by having had 2 lenders do a u-turn on him, a new client approached us following a recommendation from his solicitor. He had lost considerable time after his own efforts were fruitless, so time was up against us. Within 48 hours we produced credit-backed terms for a £950k facility. With an existing valuation to be re-addressed, and the incoming lender's in-house QS being happy with the costings, completion was achieved with 3 weeks.2% arrangement fee, interest at 0.99% per month, and no exit fee.