Statutory Demands - They Are Acomin

Statutory Demands are a basic instrument that can potentially lead to the start of Bankruptcy  Proceedings.


As and when the restrictions imposed on the issuance of Statutory Demands are released by the Government, we believe that the UK will be covered by them.

The basis of this assertion stems from our experiences from the financial crises of 2008 onwards when Statutory Demands were all the rage.

Above I refer to Statutory Demands as a basic instrument, but:

If ignored, they become very dangerous and leave the recipient exposed to potential Bankruptcy,

They are very often defendable and if dealt with correctly (ie by Prestige Finance Solutions), the receipt of a Statutory Demand can help instigate negotiations, and

Statutory Demands are a ‘shortcut action’ and don’t necessarily need any form of Judgement for them to be issued.

If anyone has received a Statutory Demand and it is hanging over them, in terms of the uncertainty of their position – it’s not too late but speak to us now.

When the economy starts to reopen in earnest, our legal friends will really get going with the issuance of literally thousands of these.

This is a taster of what is to come and we will be issuing more details on the subject of Statutory Demands as the recession bites.

As ever….. anyone who faces any debt pressure, Call Us Now and we will give You Definitive Advice.

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