Light Refurbishment: Periodic visits by the asset manager.

Light refurbishment covers projects with a structure already in place, where the borrower is working within that structure to refurbish and/or convert to enhance value. This would include the installation of kitchens and/ or bathrooms or enhancing value to dilapidated properties. 


Heavy refurbishment covers projects with structural changes, conversion or extensions that may require planning permission or building regulation approval, and PDR schemes.

Maximum LTV: Up to 70% of the Market Value on Day 1 (Up to 95% of Purchase Price), and a total facility up to 70% of GDV.

Maximum LTC: 100% of total construction cost.  These can be drawn as frequently as required after the costs are incurred, for up to 100% of those costs.

  • Loan sizes: £30,000 upwards.
  • Interest: From 0.65% PCM - no set rates based on LTV, with the flexibility to tailor pricing to the deal.
  •  Interest Options: Serviced or Retained.
  • Arrangement fee: 2%.
  • Exit Fees: No early repayment fee, exit fee, or minimum interest period.
  • Term Length: Up to 24 months.


       All refurbishment lending is GDV based so after the valuer establishes that at the outset there are NO ongoing      

      valuation requirements.

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