Secured loans

Here at Prestige finance solutions, we have access to a large panel of secured lenders. This means we can offer options to all types of customers from all walks of life, from those with a super-prime to sub-prime credit history.

A secured loan can be used for any legal purpose such as home improvements, consolidation, paying a tax bill or injecting cash into a business. It’s also a great alternative for you who don’t want to or have been unable to get a good deal on a remortgage.

Loans from £3000 to £250,000 (up to £2.5m on referral)
Competitive rates
LTVs are up to 95% and some lenders offer over 100% LTV lending.
Terms from 3 to 35 years available
Lending to employed, self-employed, multiple incomes, 0-hour contract workers, clients with partial benefits or pension income.
An alternative to a full remortgage (you may not want to remortgage because of a low rate or high early redemption charges)

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