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At Prestige Finance Solutions we can help you Avoid Bankruptcy with individually tailored solutions for your debt problems, no matter how big! We have a real understanding of the market and can offer you help with your debt situation.

Being in business is always a risk. Going out there on your own to sell your products or your Financial Services can be a thrilling journey of expansion and success. It can also be scary and uncertain during a downturn, especially if it is due to larger economic forces over which you have no control.

At Prestige Finance Solutions we’re here to help you manage that gap, so if you’ve overstretched your capacity and now find yourself facing potential insolvency, you should call us now for Free Debt Advice!

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Negative Equity

We can provide positive options to individuals suffering at the hands of extensive property debt. We specialize in providing strategies to help people who wish to resolve their issues with property debt and corporate debt.

We have developed an excellent team who understand the circumstances borrowers find themselves in. We empathize with their situation, and together with our detailed knowledge of how each lender operates, our team can offer independent advice tailored to the client’s situation.

Call us now if you have negative equity or are looking for a low-cost loan in the UK.

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Dispute Resolution

We work alongside some of the most reputable, legal firms who specialize in dispute litigation.

Where necessary, we shall work in conjunction with such third parties in order to address how a borrower may have been wronged, in various contexts, and to ensure that they are compensated and awarded accordingly.

Pre/Post Insolvency Advice

Bankruptcy can be complicated if you are not aware of the process. Bankruptcy is feared by many and has negative connotations associated with it. We advise, assist and hold the client’s hand throughout this somewhat daunting process.

Negative Equity Solutions

We can provide positive options to individuals suffering at the hands of property debt. We specialize in providing strategies to help people who wish to move on from property debt in the most fluid way possible.


Personal Guarantee Negotiations

We are experts in helping clients who are being pursued as a result of having signed personal guarantees for limited company borrowings. We aggressively negotiate with all primary lending institutions with a view to reaching a full and final settlement on any loan/personal guarantee by way of a one-off payment.

Business Turnaround

Our expert team of financial and business advisors specialize in the business review and restructure, HMRC issues, debt restructuring and refinancing, director representation, pre-insolvency advice, and asset protection.

Pre-Insolvency Options

For some, formal insolvency routes are not the best option. We help you through the insolvency process and help guide you on the best options available. We can initially provide pre-insolvency options to avoid a formal route including negotiations and full and final settlement...

If need be, we provide the options for you and advise on the best formal insolvency routes also. There is no ‘one -size fits all’ approach so we work with you to assess what is important and work on the best ways to move on with this in mind.

Call us now if you need assistance with pre-insolvency or are looking for a low-cost loan in the UK.

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Formal Insolvency Advice

If the formal insolvency route is the best one for you then we can work with you to ensure you are given impartial advice on how to move forward. We specialize in the options, strategy, and implementation of a formulated plan, tailored to you.

Debt Advice

Regardless of what your debt issue is, we can provide impartial advice on how to move on. We, as a company, specializing solely in this area and we live and breath in this niche. No one is better experienced or equipped to provide you with honest, impartial advice...

We are not insolvency practitioners, however, this is where our strength lies – we work for our client and can provide tailored strategies based on what is most important to you.


Case Studies

  • A Spanish property with £150,000 of negative equity. The total cost to resolve was £15,000.
  • A UK mortgage debt collection agency looking to recover a property shortfall debt of £100,000 settled at £12,000.
  • A PG claim of £250,000 agreed and settled at £20,000.

All settlements were on a full and final basis.





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