Secured Loans Are Quick Faster Than A Mortgage Or Remortgage Money In Days Rather Than Months!  

              Consolidate All Loans Pay Off Expensive Credit Cards!

              No Upfront Fee's Fixed Rate

              We Have The Largest Whole Of Market Panel Of Lenders For Secured Loans!

              Terms Up To 35 Years.Range Of Incomes Accepted.  

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Why Get a Secured Loan

Do you want to:
  • Make home improvements, such as an extension, new driveway, or garden?
  • Make a new large purchase such as a car, holiday or to help your children get on the property ladder?
  • Pay off expensive credit cards, consolidating your debt into one low-cost rate?

If so, then you may benefit from a secured loan. There are no upfront fees, bad credit is acceptable and there is a fixed rate of interest.



What Is a Secured Loan?

Also known as a second charge loan or homeowner loan, secured loans are available only to homeowners and are ideal for borrowers who may have had difficulty arranging finance with their bank or for whom a remortgage doesn’t make sense.

We can arrange loans from £10,000 to £2.5 million and at very competitive rates of interest. We aim to find you the cheapest or most suitable secured loan for your circumstances. However, we come into our own when our clients need a little extra help, to consolidate their loans. We have access to the widest panel of secured loan lenders on the market – this means we can usually help where others fail.

We are on your side when it comes to helping you find the secured loan that suits your circumstances. Even if you have bad credit, arrears, or have difficulty proving your income we have products specifically designed to meet your needs.

We are not bankers but personal loan brokers, so we are able to search the whole market.


Benefits of a Secured Loan

  • More generous income criteria, as it is based on an affordability calculation.
  • Most legal purposes are accepted as to the purpose of the loan.
  • Arrears are considered on many plans.
  • The first mortgage can be left in unaffected.
  • All costs such as valuation and BSQ are paid for by the master broker.
  • Quicker completion time.

Traditionally, there have been three main methods for a mortgage broker to raise extra cash for you – with a remortgage, further advance, and unsecured loan. However, there are important reasons as to why these options, especially a remortgage will not be suitable for your situation.

Drawbacks of a Remortgage

  • You may be tied to a fixed/discounted rate and may not want to give up a low rate, or you could face high redemption penalties.
  • There are possible valuation, broker, and legal fees.
  • You have insufficient income (based on income multiples).
  • The purpose of the loan may be unacceptable.
  • It can take months to complete. If you are currently in arrears, you may only be able to remortgage with a sub-prime loan.
  • You are normally restricted to a shorter-term (1-5 years) which can mean a high monthly repayment.
  • All applications are credit scored which often results in many declines.
  • Advances are normally restricted to £15k but in cases of adverse credit, this can usually be far less.




Important Details

  • A secured loan could be arranged to enable the borrower to keep an existing mortgage rate.
  • Clients can borrow between 5-30 years.
  • More flexible criteria.
  • Advances from £5,000 – no upper limit (on referral).
  • Redemption only 1-month interest (plus payment of current month).
  • Broker fees/lender fees are added to the loan.



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Unsecured Low-Cost Loans in the UK

What Is an Unsecured Loan

If you are looking for a low amount and do not want to use your home as security. This is a great time to consider an unsecured loan for a car purchase, holiday, or consolidation. An unsecured personal loan is an excellent option if you do not wish to secure finance on your property, or do not have sufficient equity in your property to secure.

unsecured Low-cost Loans in UK

Low-cost Loans in UK

Why Get an Unsecured Loan?

  • Have that car you desire in your driveway in just 24 hours.
  • Build that extension and increase the value of your property.
  • Make the most of your money by consolidating your loans into one easy payment.
  • Take that holiday and have the cruise of a lifetime.
  • Low rates from just 4.8%!
  • Terms of up to 10 years.
  • No valuations!
  • No surveys!
  • Your money in your bank account in just one day!
  • The money can be used for whatever you wish.
  • Options for the super-prime to the sub-prime customer.


Information We Need

  • Age: 18 to 75 years old
  • Applicants: single or joint
  • Min loan/max loan: £1,000 – £43,000 (homeowners)
  • Representative rates from: 7.0% APR
  • Term: 13 to 180 months
  • CCJs: guarantor loans only
  • Debt management: guarantor loans only
  • Minimum Income: £700 per month take home pay
  • In principal decision: within minutes

Low-cost Loans in UK with prestige finance solutions

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New On The Market!





Now you can buy previously owned properties with only a 5% deposit, not just new builds.

That means up to 95% LTV of the Purchase Price.

Made up of 70% Mortgage 25% Secured Equity Loan on Property.

Interest-only lower cost per monthly repayments.

Advice on how to repay the mortgage in the future.

The minimum age at the start is 24.

Maximum term 24 years.

6 Times Income.

Self-employed accepted.

If you are finding it hard to get on the Property ladder this scheme could be for you.


For more information please call 0120 297 2318 for a free no-obligation chat with an expert in this field.





Do You Need Help with Mortgages?

We work closely with a panel of qualified mortgage experts, and they can help you achieve the best solution for your needs. Whatever type of mortgage you need, our independent mortgage advisers will help you to achieve the best solution for you. We can help you if you are looking for:

  • A first-time purchase
  • The best remortgage deals
  • A buy-to-let
  • A right-to-buy
  • Contractor mortgages
  • Shared ownership
  • Equity release

We’re a broker, not a bank, so we can search far and wide to find you the best products. You get more choice not more rejections, and that’s even if you have a bad credit history – and that’s more than any bank can offer.


complex mortgages in UK

mortgages in the UK with prestige finance solutions


Why You Should Remortgage to Pay off Debt and Consolidate Loans

Most people who opt to remortgage to pay off a debt are hoping to borrow a significant sum of money. When you remortgage for debt consolidation wisely, you can potentially make a significant reduction to the cost of your overall debt, taking into account interest rates and repayment terms.



Things to Consider When Remortgaging to Consolidate Debt

A new mortgage product is used to pay off your current mortgage(s), in addition to other outstanding debts you may have. Well-considered consolidation could potentially mean the overall amount you pay for being a borrower will be reduced, leaving you better off in the long-term and/or month to month. However, it’s important to remember that extending debt to stretch over a longer period could mean that overall, you pay more interest and your total repayment amount is higher.


How We Can Help You Find the Right Debt Consolidation Remortgage Deal

If you’ve decided that a remortgage to consolidate debt is a good choice for you right now, we can access a market of some 600 plans to find the right product for you. Because we’re a broker rather than a building society or bank, we have an extremely wide overview of the market which makes it far more likely that we’ll be able to identify the best mortgage match for your unique needs.***




Expat Mortgages

If you are an ex-pat living abroad or returning to the UK and would like a mortgage, we can help you. If you:

  • Want to buy a property in the UK to rent out
  • Already own a property in the UK and want to rent it out as a buy-to-let.
  • Planning to return to the UK and need to purchase a new home.
  • Planning to return to the UK and need to convert a buy-to-let into a residential mortgage.
  • Working abroad and want to purchase a property in the UK for my family to live in.

We can also place mortgages for UK nationals who work in the UK but are paid in a foreign currency.

Our group of lenders offers a wide range of ex-pat mortgages which are underwritten on a case by case basis that takes into account your circumstances as a whole.


expat mortgages in the UK

Case Studies

Funds on a Buy-to-Let Property 

The client lived in Zimbabwe and wanted to raise funds on a buy-to-let property he owned in the UK to purchase a property overseas. We helped him raise £300,000 on his UK buy-to-let on the 5-year term he wanted.

First Time Buyer 

Another client worked in Qatar and was paid in USD. He was a first-time buyer wanting to purchase a residential home in the UK when he returned. His deposit was gifted by a family and we were able to get him a mortgage of 65% of the purchase price of the new property.





Important Information

  • All countries are considered (except those on the government sanction list)
  • No upper age limit
  • All employment types
  • LVT up to 75%
  • Loan sizes from £3000 to £2 million
  • All property types covered
  • No credit scoring/Direct access to underwriters

  • Rates - 2.61%
  • Interest only available
  • Earned income considered on buy-to-let
  • Consumer buy-to-lets considered
  • First time landlords considered
  • Professional landlords/portfolio considered





How We Can Help

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